What’s Stopping Your Scrapbooking?

What’s Stopping Your Scrapbooking?

Many people describe scrapbooking as a form of therapy. I know I’ve certainly used it as such myself.
But oftentimes, life stresses can get so overwhelming that we find ourselves not able to get to it.
Not enough time, can’t find the right photos, supplies disorganized. These are the kinds of things that can stop our scrapbooking altogether.
Heck…life itself can get so easily disorganized.

I believe the technical term is ‘messy’.


It’s a word we are all familiar with and our productivity oriented culture does a lot to normalize.
Well, it’s not our natural state. This chronically stressed, overwhelmed, hyper busy, can’t-seem-to-catch-up life we seem to all live.

Today, I came into work to take a stress reduction class. (I work part time and traditionally, Wednesday is my normal day off)
But not today.
Today I am here at work, ironically, taking a class about stress reduction in the place that is the primary and lion-share source of my stress. Go figure.

Have to say, it was a damn good class and gave me something I’ve been craving for a long time. Namely, an actual tool that tells me when I’m stressed. Better than a mood ring too! This thing is really phenomenal. And what is it?

It’s called emWave2. It’s about the size of an mp3 player and comes with software, but can be used without hooking yourself to your computer.

Think of it as a way to meditate with the help of technology. There’s a lot of medical research that backs the use of this device, and I’m already starting to see positive effects of using it. If I continue to use it, I can even reverse the damage years of chronic stress have caused. This is such great news. I’m really excited and grateful to have this available to me.

It’s like empowering me to take control of an area of my life that has been out of control for far too long. That totally rocks my world!

It also makes me hopeful that once I’ve wrassled the stress-monster into a reduced state, my ability to scrapbook will greatly improve instead of adding to that feeling of it being just one more thing I don’t have time for.


So the emWave2 that I got today in this class was part of the materials. It’s available on Amazon (seriously, what *isn’t* available on Amazon)…for around $229. That may seem steep to some. But consider this. If you are dealing with your stress in other ways, you know the ones…retail therapy, chocolate, stress eating/drinking, pharmaceuticals. Then do yourself a favor and spend the money on yourself now and get yourself in a healthy happy state. You will save money (not to mention peace of mind) in the long run.

Click [easyazon-link asin=”B004YHKUX2″ locale=”us”]here[/easyazon-link] to pick one up for yourself

So what’s stopping you from scrapbooking? Leave your comments below.

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