Your First Scrapbook Retreat

So you’d like to go on your first scrapbook retreat, but don’t quite know what to expect?

Your First Scrapbook Retreat


“I’m attending a scrapbook retreat or scrapbook crop for the first time. What should I expect?”

It’s kinda hard to explain ….. let me put it this way (image below) ….

Does that help? You can also read a few previous editorials about scrapbook retreats, including:

If you’ve never attended a crop or scrapbook retreat, what are you waiting for? Search your local listings by clicking your state on the map in our right sidebar, or by clicking here.

Add your event to the list by clicking here.

I’d love for you to share your thoughts about retreats & crops in the comments so that those who’ve never done one can get inspired to finally give it a try.

Here’s a fun time-lapse video of a scrapbook retreat:

See original post here.

I have yet to brave my first scrapbook retreat, but this post certainly put my fears to rest. I can’t wait to find one in my area.

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